Unique Waffle Recipes Your Kids Will Love

I’m crazy over waffles! I honestly can’t get enough of them and they’re my favorite comfort food after a long day at work. My kids also love waffles, but because I keep trying to spice up my breakfast making every chance I get, they always expect something ‘special’ from “mom’s delish cooking”.

I love my kids (who doesn’t?) so I make it a point to always try and look for new ways to make their plates interesting.

In my very first post to you dear readers, I’d like to share some waffle recipes that have a unique twist to them! Some of them are really easy while others require a bit of effort, but trust me, they are all WORTH IT!

Chocolate Chip Waffles

chocolate chip waffles

This first recipe is so finger-licking good that my kids hound me all the time to make them.

Best part about this recipe is that it’s super easy and can be prepared if you’re pressed for time. They’re a super-indulgent breakfast that you can even prepare for your visiting relatives to impress them!

Read about how to prepare them here!

PB&J Waffle Sandwich

PB and J waffle sandwich

If you really want to delight the little appetites of your kids, this recipe will evoke some of their best memories (and yours too!).

This waffle sandwich is very easy to make and I personally like them with raisins, my kind of breakfast on warm sunny days. You can add your own twist to this recipe! Go with whatever flavor you want your waffle sandwich to have and you’ll be smiling in no time.

Get recipe here! 

Cinnamon Waffle Snack Mix

Cinnamon Waffle Snack Mix

Trail mix is something I make sure I have around the house when I need a quick sugar-filled snack, but add waffle shreds to it and it becomes a breakfast! If you’ve never tried this before, then be prepared to be amazed because even my husband thinks that this is a brilliant idea (and he’s not easily impressed, mind you).

Check out the recipe at B-inspired Mama.

Waffle Iron Pizza

Waffle Iron Pizza

What could be better than using your favorite pizza toppings to make a scrumptious waffle? It’s not disgusting, ladies, it’s called being creative and daring. There’s just so much flavor going on with this waffle recipe that you’ll wonder why you never thought of doing this before!

Get the recipe here!

When preparing this, I recommend using some authentic Italian tomato sauce (from crushed tomatoes!) to go with it. You’ll be surprised at how every bite packs a punch. It’s like enjoying a typical dinner meal but the twist is that you’re indulging at 8 a.m. in the morning before even arriving at work. I brought one waffle for my workmate to try and she loved it!


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